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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thanks for all the suggestions and there were a few of them. Lucky, a name contributed by Joan. I can see why that would apply. Jodie sent the name Fester - sorry, but that just reminds me of an infected sore. And David offered Basil something - the name of a British children's talking fox. Who knew. But Sister Sue came up with Boots, because it looked like he had tall black boots on. Stacey also came up with that name but Susan beat her to the punch. So, I have chosen Boots as my fox's name. When he was around today I called him Boots, but he didn't seem to react too much to it. But it was only the first time. Give me a little while and I am sure he will be coming to Boots in no time.
I will get the picture copied and present it to Susan and Stacey at a suitable time.
Thanks again to all of you who sent in names or even thought of one for him. it is appreciated.
See ya Bye

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