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Sunday, December 12, 2010


14.97 pound turkey in 45 minutes - delicious. We brined it the day before in a mixture of sea salt and brown sugar for about 4 hours. We then dried it and put it in the fridge overnite, uncovered, to dry more. It was cooked perfectly and one of the best I have ever had. Arnold is holding the turkey and Ron is on the right. They helped Rejean cook it outside. Any excuse to get away from the girls.
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Joey said...

love how most of your posts end in See Ya Bye! I need a closing for mine!

northernbliss said...

I also use that phrase in real life too - it just seems to be a friendly way to sign off. My daughter -
also uses a sign off phrase - it stated out as "gotta run" (she is a ultramarathoner - and she co-ordinates that "gotta" into the topic of her blog - check it out. Nice to know you are following my blog - welcome!!

Anonymous said...

i will have all the fixing when you get here to cook a bird like that. it looks delicious!!!-sistersue