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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Diane's bull's eye - one of the few from last nite.
Diane's fine form.

John painted his door just for the dart tourney.

We met last nite at John and Linda's for another evening of Darts!! John, Linda, Robin, Randy, Les, Donna, Brandon, Diane, Bob, Rejean and myself. I have never played Darts before, altho I have thrown one. I am not very good. We were not playing for money - just the glory. I don't think too many people cared who won or lost - we just had a good time. It started at 7:30 and we were home by 11pm - just a fun filled evening with friends. Next week it is at Bob's party garage. I don't know if we will have it at our place - I saw too many darts thrown that missed the dart board entirely and hit the surrounding walls and floor. Our walls are brand new pine boards that wouldn't look too good full of dart holes. We'll have to come up with something. The best part of the evening was watching teams trying to double out to finish up the game. Sometimes it took a while - pressure from the crowd, I bet.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Buy a Wii and have a Wii party!!!! You will love it!!! Uncle Rejean loves video

northernbliss said...

Actually, we have tried the Kinect game and we like it - maybe in the future...