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Monday, March 14, 2011


The new fridge will be a black, side by side with water and ice capabilities in the door

Sorry, I don't know how to right this pic - don't hurt yourself looking at me. ;o) That icicle is almost as tall as me!! Also note that I am in my work clothes.

The 3rd or 4th Annual Cheney Lake Fishing Derby is being held tomorrow - we just decided last nite that this was to be the case - you have to check to make sure the weather is going to co-operate and boy, will it ever. Sunny and +5 and very little wind. I'm just going to plop a chair down on the lake and sit and get some rays. Because, as you know, no fish will be harmed tomorrow. I have the usual fare - beans, hot dogs and hamburgers, potatoes and cole slaw. It will just be a chance to visit with everyone.

We finished another project over the weekend. Rejean got the wall up that the new fridge will fit in - it separates the bar area from the utility room. We also shortened the make shift bar and made another table for behind the bar. We got rid of a lot of "stuff" so it looks better. We'll be putting in the bulk heads over and behind the bar. There is lots of wiring to do yet. I want some good speakers put in the bulk heads along with the pot lights as well as outdoor speakers - nothing like a good tune when you are outside in the summer gardening, watching the camp fire or just enjoying some bevs.
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glad to see the red dangles still used as it-ss