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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I downed my 2 bottles of water on the way into town and I think it paid off. Altho I got off to a bad start. You first have to have a bit of blood taken to test your iron level - if it is too low, you can't give that day - it has happened to me before. The nurse pricked my finger on my right hand but nothing came out - I have to say my hands were very cold so maybe that had something to do with it. She gave me a band aid and then pricked the other hand. Finally got enough to test and I passed. I got in to see the nurse where they take your blood pressure and your temperature. My blood pressure was excellent but she took the thermometer out of my mouth too soon for my temperature to register - she tried again and it was a bit low - she tried again but the machine didn't work so she tried a 4th time and it finally registered - normal. I answered all the "sex" questions correctly - they are weird but I can understand why they have to ask them. No, I have never taken money or drugs for sex. No, I have never had sex with a man who has had sex with a man even once. I have not come in contact with monkey saliva.
I finally get to a chair and meet up with Fran, the person who will be in charge of taking my blood. She is very pleasant and explains everything to me. I let her know my previous problems with the procedure. I give her my right arm and she finds my vein and inserts the needle and immediately the blood starts flowing. I can't watch the needle insertion but I can watch the blood coming out - I like to watch it filling the bag. There is something about seeing your own blood that gives me a feeling of satisfaction - I am helping someone else who needs it. I believe in Karma so I believe that when I need blood, it will be there for me. I know I have said it before, it is such a small thing to do that brings such good things. And it can save 3 lives with just one donation.
Thessalon will no longer be holding the blood donor clinics - we will have to go to Blind River for the next one. Not enough donors in Thessalon plus it was getting too expensive to warrent a stop in our town. Just when Clarence was getting the hang of volunteering and baking my favourite chocolate chip cookies. I will miss him and them.
See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

chocolate chip cookies? are they on the list? one or two? love ya-ss

northernbliss said...

After a pint of blood is sucked out of your body, you can have as many chocolate chip cookies as you want. I only had 1. But it was delicious!!!