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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Toby, all tuckered out from chasing all the golf balls
The 10th Hole at John and Linda's

A Motley Crew at the "Not A Hole" hole L to R Arnold, Rejean, Moi, Joanne (not my Joanne) and Skip

A trick hole - you had to avoid the snow stacks.

The first hole - a par 10 - they all were.

This guy was hitting them pretty good with his Cricket paddle

Joy handing out the score cards and giving us the rules and regulations - tough course.

Arnold was all decked out in his special beer belt - I think it held at least 8 cans and bottles, not counting the ones in his pocket - I called him the Beer Bitch

I don't think we could have picked a better day for the Axe Lake Golf Tournament - it was sunny and about 8 degrees. There was a bit of a breeze but that really didn't matter. There was a ton of people - young and old, babies and dogs. Joy and Arnold set up 9 holes on the Lake and there was hot dogs on the Island over an open fire. There was even one hole that wasn't a hole but you didn't know that until you got right up to the flag. It was Skip's best hole and he couldn't even count it!! You could use whatever you wanted to for a club - there were regulation clubs, hockey sticks, cricket sticks (?) and lacrosse sticks. Whatever it took to get it in the hole. We used yellow tennis balls (mine split in 2 after about the 6th hole). We would only count to 10 strokes - I had a score of 90!! The course wasn't in the best of shape - the greens needed a lot of work!! The final hole ended at John and Linda's so we had a break before we headed over to Joy and Arnold's for dinner. I rode with Bob on the back of his machine - I saw my life flash before my eyes - it was a fast trip but I survived. I think Bob has my hand prints in his flesh I was holding on so tight. Everyone had a good time - we left before prizes were handed out - I was sure we were not in the running :O)

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Anonymous said...

The photo with the guy that you said was doing good; he is using a cricket bat not a lacrosse stick. Looks like a fun day on Axe lake as usual, party central.

northernbliss said...

Cricket, Lacrosse - I stand corrected again. Thanks for setting the record straight - my readers are very smart!!