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Thursday, March 31, 2011


The mystery mark that can't be removed right on the front of the fridge.

We had our new fridge delivered today. The truck couldn't get up the lane way to the house. There is a bit of snow left on the road and it has become icy - Rejean had to back his truck down to meet the delivery truck and load the fridge into the back. The 2 guys rode in the back with the fridge. They unloaded it and put it in place. I noticed a mark on the front right door and thought it was dirt. The two guys rode back to their truck with Rejean to sign off on the delivery. In the meantime, I tried to wipe off the mark. It turned out to be a mark that could not be removed - it appears to be a drip mark where the shiny finish is gone - I tried various cleaning products and polish but to no avail. I called Leon's immediately and they indicated that they would order another fridge and replace the damaged door. Good enough for me. No hassle, no questions - just a solution. Great customer service!!!

Can't wait to try it out - instant ice and cold water. Rejean installed pieces of wood around the fridge so that you can't see into the utility room - it appears the fridge is built into the wall. The wood can be removed in case we get another larger fridge. Just the beginning of the bar area.

See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

the fridge looks great-too bad about the mark-but GOOD NEWS FROM LEONS-hope it is a easy

Anonymous said...

Boy/Girl are you ever getting fancy!! When are we having a fridge warming party??:)
Happy Spring, Ute

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

He's getting his ice cubes.... Congrats Dad!!!