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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Stacey, Andrew, Jodie and Dave all chipped in a gave us tickets to Quidam showing at the Essar Centre in Sault St Marie as a joint Mother's Day and Father's Day gift.  I have seen a couple of the shows in Vegas but Rejean has never had the privilege so it was fun to watch his reactions.  It was a very good show considering the venue.  Our seats were right in the first row at the side of the stage - you could almost touch the performers but after the intermission, we moved up into some empty seats for a better view - my neck was getting a bit sore and you could see the entire stage.
It was amazing to see some of the acts - the acrobatics were mind blowing and the juggling was unbelievable.  The costumes and music just add to the experience. 
If you have never seen a Cirque I highly recommend it.

Thanks Kids!!

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Stacey Pomerleau said...

Glad you guys had fun!!