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Monday, May 7, 2012


The "kids" got their new toys today so we took a little ride down the trails.  Rejean and I treated ourselves to new helmets as ours were getting pretty old and cracked..  They look like Darth Vader helmets. 
Tomorrow we are planning a longer trip so hopefully the rain will hold off.  We will be paying a little visit to Axe Lake as well to visit Bob, who apparently has a dog he didn't tell me about - a bull dog to boot.  So expect some cute bull dog pictures tomorrow...
Getting back to the 4 wheelers - Stacey was amazing on hers - she kept up with us and handled the trails better than I expected her to do.  I am looking forward to some longer rides - Ron and Mary and Jerry and Cheryl have all expressed a desire to accompany us.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Nice toys ! What make are they ? EPS ?

northernbliss said...

They are Yamahas - a 450 and a 350 - nice machines but I still prefer my 250 Honda 4Trax