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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yesterday was the Fish Stocking event - we all headed over to the gravel pit to watch the helicopter land - it was very exciting.  We had to wait a while for the truck from Elliot Lake with the fish that was then loaded into the tanks in the helicopter - once the helicopter is over the designated lake, a lever is pulled and the fish are deposited into the lake.  They had splake, brook trout, lake trout and a hybrid trout.  Rejean didn't get to go up this time as they have to take turns - there are a lot of volunteers who are waiting to go up.  The volunteers from Elliot Lake brought their bbqs and fed all the guys.  How thoughtful - it does make for a long day and they have to keep their strength up.
It is strange how much the helicopter looks like a big dragonfly which, by the way, have made their appearance already - just in time to eat all the black flies.  We haven't seen any mosquitoes yet but I am sure they are not too far away.
Can't wait for all those fish to grow up so I can catch them...

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