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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It has been a busy one up here - Stacey and Andrew and my beautiful Furbaby, Sadie are here and Rick and Steve arrived on Monday afternoon at 1pm - they left Windsor at 5:30am - they were in a hurry to get here to get the trailer all set up for occupancy - that's them in the first picture positioning the awning.
The next picture is of Stacey and Andrew's septic being pumped out for the first time - a proud moment for them I am sure.  We got ours done as well - the truck almost went off our road - our driveway is kind of elevated and I caught him just in time before his front left wheel went over.  That wouldn't have been too good.  The "technician" said everything looked good in the tanks - nice to know...
Rejean was on a lake survey with Ron and Ron.  I like how Ron used his wife's Ford Explorer to pull the equipment on that dusty road...she had the truck.  They picked a nice day Sunday and then went back Monday morning to finish. 
The kids are with Ron in town writing the test for the Boater's License - I got mine at a wood show in Chatham a few years ago so I am legal - I wonder if I need one for my Kayak - I'll have to check the regulations.
And that is just a few of the things happening up here.  Tomorrow I am getting my pots filled at Lawrence's Springtime Garden - if you take your pots in, they will plant your planters for you free - dirt included - you just have to buy your plants - sounds like a bargain to me - pictures later.
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Anonymous said...

Didn't know you had a motor on your kayak

northernbliss said...

I do go fast...