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Friday, May 4, 2012


What an amazing evening!!  And I say that with real enthusiasm - we had a great time.  Our hotel was within walking distance of the Sudbury Arena and we could see the arena from our room. 
As you can see, Linda and I were a little bit early but it filled up pretty quickly. All different people of every age and ability and disability - all dressed in what they felt was their best - I love people watching and there were a lot of people to watch.  The girl sitting next to me had a Johnny Reid t-shirt and was very excited to say the least.  And Johnny Reid did not disappoint any of us.  He was fantastic from the moment he came out till 110 minutes later when he did his encore.  He never stopped.  He left the stage to wander out in the audience -hugged little old ladies and young ones too.  He shook men's hands and picked up little girls.  During one song called Dance With Me he danced with a young girl with Down's Syndrome.  It was touching.  And he said that the "wee little old lady"he had hugged had pinched his bum - the place roared.  There were fireworks and disco balls, spot lights and videos.  He passed out pictures of himself to the audience and flirted with the girls in the front rows.  I wish I had been sitting in the front row...
It was worth every penny I paid for the tickets and I can't wait to see him again.

Linda and I were swaying and singing to the last song of the evening...

May the sun shine on your shoulders
May love and luck be your friend
For now, always and forever
'til we meet again

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