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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Another couple of free days and we headed to Hinkler again - this time we took the kayaks and Rejean's quad with the passenger seat attached for exploring opportunities.  It was a very hot day and Rejean and Ron hit the pool after dinner to cool off.  I showered instead.  The next day was a chore day and Rejean got right to it.  This is him after he made a shoe tree out of the solar panel board - our water shoes dry out just fine on them.  They put a roof over top of our wood pile plus a  few other chores left over from our first visit.  We found a few good lakes in our travels to be fished on our next visit (we found the stashed boat).  The next picture is of little Lucas on his dirt bike with training wheels - yes you read right.  We saw him go by with his dad on the back but Lucas was steering the bike and working the throttle.  I just had to get a picture.  they teach them young up here.  The next picture is of a large toad checking out the darkness under my kayak.  I had to be careful when I moved it the next day - he quickly got out of harm's way.  It was Ron and Mary's anniversary on one of our days at Hinkler so Ron picked a nice flower for Mary on one of our explorations.  Hows romantic.  Mary and I got out on the kayaks on the last nite just in time to get a picture of Ron hauling in a nice bass.  We didn't get too close as we didn't want to spook the rest of the fish.  It is a beautiful lake to kayak on and I am sure we will explore the whole lake on our next visits.  I will be trolling behind my kayak...

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