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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Axe Lake gets all sorts of visitors and we met a couple of it's younger ones this week.  Christopher and Ty were out in their boat getting set up on the island for a sleep over.  They had their tarp all set up and their camp fire ready to go.  But a few more trips were needed, I am sure, to make sure that lots of treats were readily available to them.  How brave of them to camp out all by themselves - but if they did need any help it was just a stones throw away - I think everyone knew their plans so everyone had a eye out for them.  It did get a bit chilly that night but being as young as they are, it didn't make any difference to them.  Christopher has plans to join the army in the future - so this was just a walk in the park for him I am sure.  And Ty was having a ball.

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