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Sunday, July 28, 2013


The Sisters took off after brunch to the old slate mine to pick some anoukshuk pieces for Joanne.  You have to be careful on the slate because it is just small loose pieces.  Well I was up pretty high looking for arms for the anoukshuk when I picked up a rock and lo and behold there was a little snake.  After the initial shriek I yelled at Susan to throw me my camera and I got some good shots.  It was cool so he wasn't too active.  But when I got home I couldn't find him in any of my books so any ideas out there as to what he is?  As you can see by the leaf next to him, he was not very big but we did keep an eye out for the mother or father as I suspect they would have been much bigger.
In the final picture, you can see the finished products.  Not bad for an afternoon's work.

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