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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Picked Joanne up at the Sault airport on Saturday - I got there about 10:05am - the plane was expected at 10:17am but she was already there waiting form me.  Something about a head wind or something.  We went from there to do her grocery shopping - or should I say beverage shopping.  Priorities you know.  By the time we got to the Post to pick up the beer (and an ice cream cone for Joanne) the only room left was on her lap so that's where the beer went.
Joanne's friend Sandy came for a visit on Sunday and on Monday they came over to our place to spend the day floating in the pool - it was a scorcher!!  Rejean made blender drinks all afternoon long and I fed them ribs and potato salad for dinner.  Poor Mitch only had Krafty dinner - he missed out on the ribs.  Mitch is still in Calgary but he'll be here on Saturday to enjoy his 2 week stay.  We also played around with Jacques.  Jacques is my pet bass.  He got a good feeding of worms yesterday.  One thing with Jacques as opposed to Lucy (my other pet bass from a couple of years ago) he has no fear and no hesitation to take the worms right from my fingers.  He just wams it.  No fear at all.  We took a cruise around the lake after dinner.  The breeze made it very enjoyable.
It is supposed to be another hot one today.  We are planning on heading to the jacuzzi later on this afternoon.  Can't think of a better place to spend a lazy hazy hot sunny afternoon.  (oh yes I can...)
See Ya Bye

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