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Thursday, January 2, 2014


I had 3 Christmas dinners while in Windsor and Gorrie over the holidays so I don't want to look at food for a while.  The first picture of the rose was taken at Shen Shen's in Windsor - Pierre and Rejean and I took everyone out for dinner (except Anne who was sick) to show our appreciation for all the hard work they had done on Claire's condo after the flood.  A private joke between Pierre and I.  You can see a few of us relaxing after the dinner at the condo after all the repairs had been done - it is beautiful and she loves it.  A good job was done by all.  Next is a picture of the new bathroom which I like a lot better than the old one.
Then the picture of Maya, a little schnauzer who you met this fall.  She was all dressed up in her Martha Stewart Christmas dress - she wore it well.  I gave the "kids" a game for Christmas that involves stacking wooden pieces then trying to remove one without the stack falling.  As you can see the adults got into it while the kids enjoyed their devices.
Next is my name indicating my place at Lise's Christmas dinner and it was delicious.  then there is Claire next to Lise's beautiful tree.
The final picture is of my sister Susan's kids.  From the left - Troy, Shelley and Kyle and you can just make out Sadie's tail in the right hand corner.  I had another Christmas dinner with them on Saturday and then, finally, we came home.
Now to rest up for next Christmas...


Anonymous said...

Christmas was great this year, you should have stopped in for a drink. We had company for dinner 7 days in a row. Looking forward to next Christmas; going to spend it in Europe on the Romantic Danube River.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho look at all the SNOW. Do you have photos to share ?