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Friday, January 17, 2014


I did not include a picture of the snow here altho there is some new stuff.  According to our local weather girl, Kim, we have had almost 6 feet of snow so far this year.  That would be slightly over my head!!  And there has been no thaw to speak of.  The banks on the side of the road are getting quite high - good in case you slid into them on our roads that are snow and ice covered.  I am getting very good at driving in the snow - but I am still afraid on that curve north of Cummings Lake.  I still tense up when I meet one of those big logging trucks whipping past me on the curve.  If I die it, will be on that curve.  I just cross my fingers and go.
But it is a beautiful time of year up here.  I don't think there is a bad time of year up here...

-just bought a few tunes on I-Tunes - some good ole Anita Baker, LTD, the Isley Brothers, Luther and even some Hannah Montana or Miley - I enjoy The Climb.


Anonymous said...

what about -there goes the mind again-the one that dad liked Helen Redding just remembered-she has great songs-I am woman hear me roar-ss

Anonymous said...

We enjoy your blog! We are summer residents on Cummings Lake and Phyllis C. informed us about it. Stay safe on that curve...the entrance to my sister's camp is on it....scary in good conditions!