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Thursday, January 30, 2014


There was a break in the Polar Vortex so we decided to hit the groomed trails today for a trip to Iron Bridge.  First we had to dig out Ron's trailer to transport the machines to the Post where we would catch the trail.  Thank goodness the snow was light and fluffy because the trailer was buried deep.  We got the machines loaded and then headed to the Post where Keith came out to visit and allowed us to park the truck and trailer in his yard.  Thanks Keith!!  The trails were deserted as it was during the week - we only met 5 other riders on the trail.  It was a great ride and the trails were perfect.  It wasn't that cold out and we were all dressed for the occasion.  We arrived in Iron Bridge and had some hot soup and food at the 4 Aces restaurant.  On the way home we rode around to where the deer congregate and spotted some.  They just look up at you and wonder what you are looking at and then go back to eating. They all look so fluffy with their winter coats on.  We saw more on the trail back home.  We got back to the Post just before it really started snowing and blowing - which it is doing right now.  I got to drive about 1/4 way home and I really enjoyed it.  You are much warmer driving as the windshield protects you, the hand warmers keep your hands nice and warm and your feet are warmed by the engine.  Looks like it will be a fight to see who gets to drive on the next excursion.  Or maybe I'll just get my own...
See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Happy Valentines; cant wait to hear all about your trip