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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Not much going on here today.  It was snowing this morning and very cold.  We are chipping at the trap rock pile to get enough to put on the lane way as it is very slippery this time of year.  The trap rock is frozen so it is a slow process.
I saved a bird today.  I was in the wood shed and noticed 2 birds in the pile of snow behind the house.  One was just sitting there and the other one was on his back with his little legs just shaking.  He had probably hit one of the windows back there and was stunned.  I picked him up and got him right side up - the first thing he did was stick his little head under his wing and just shivered.  These birds, if they haven't broken their necks or wings, will usually be ok after a bit of rest.  But I decided that he needed to be warmed up so in stuck him in a box and put him in the house.  After about 1/2 hours I peeked and he seemed to be ok.  I put the box outside tipped over so that all he had to do was hop out and fly away.  He's gone now so he will be ok - until the next time he flies into a window.

The first picture is of a common red pole at the feeder.  We have gone thru 300 pounds of bird seed this winter.  Believe it or not.

And we always seem to get one mourning dove this time of year and lo and behold, there she is, sunning herself on the cement right outside the door.  I had to sneak up and take this as she is very timid.  She knew I was there and kept her eye on me the whole time.  You just wonder what is going thru their little minds.

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