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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today was the day the ladies lunched.  There was about 19 of us - most from up the highway, some from Kynoch and some from town and we all met at the Sinton, the only bar in Thessalon.  They had a table all set up for us with nice blue table coverings and the white chairs.  It made us all feel very welcome.  The service was excellent considering the number of us.  I had a toasted western and it was delicious,  Others had the beef barley soup and I saw a large number of Cesare salads being served.  And as an added surprise, we were all served a piece of home made lemon meringue pie for desert, on the house, to show their appreciation for the business.
We all had a good time.  It is always nice to get together with friends just to enjoy each other's company and talk about anything and everything.
Plans have already been made for next month's luncheon - same place.  Be forewarned...

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