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Monday, April 28, 2014


Last nite was the annual owl count so the Hooters headed out at around 7pm.  Ute, Ginny, Mary and myself travelled up the highway and started our count at the place where the fire was a couple of years ago.  Every 5km or so we pull over, play tape recorded owl calls and see if an owl returns the calls.  I need a hearing device because I just can't hear the calls without it unless they are sitting on my shoulder.  We heard everything but owls - geese, wood cocks, robins - but no owls - until the last stop.  We played the tape and right away there was a call back.  Ute warned us that it was coming towards us.  It was pitch dark so we couldn't see anything but the sound was now really close.  I edged a bit closer to Ute just in case.  Every time the tape played the call, the owl responded with a wild crazy laugh and then the normal call.  It was thrilling to hear.  I am sure there was a second one as well.  We felt bad after because the owl thought he was going to get lucky but then - nothing.  Poor thing.
The last picture is of our snacks on the owl count.  Ginny made the cinnamon buns, Mary, the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Ute brought grapes, cherries, cheese, nuts and animal crackers.  I didn't bring a thing because I knew that there would be plenty.  I drove.

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