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Monday, April 21, 2014


We were invited to Robin's 50th birthday party on Saturday afternoon and what a party it was.  The ladies spent all most of the time inside because it was damp and cold outside.  Of course the guys were outside catching up on all the guy stuff.  And all the grand kids were in with us.  Robin has 3 3/4 beautiful grandchildren and they got to celebrate with her - hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, cabbage rolls and the best home made pizza I have ever had.  Have to get the recipe from Randy.
And a delicious cake from ValueMart - I got a rose - yum yum.  At about 7:30 Cathy and Lynn pull up in their neat ride.  I thought it was a tank rolling up the drive - well, it is sort of.  I don't know the exact details about what it is but if you really need to know I can get that info for you.  It is just something they tool around in in the bush.
Hey, it's what we do up here.

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Meagan Beavers said...

Happy Birthday Robin! You look fantastic! I can hardly believe your a granny!