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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It was going to be a nice sunny day today with temps in the vicinity of +8 or +10 - I thought it would be a nice day to relax in the sun but it was not to be.  We spent the day installing the trusses on the garden structure.  Rejean had to clear a path to get to the garden with the tractor and then the snow around and in the garden worked to our advantage.  I tramped it down so we could walk on it and we didn't need a ladder - you could stand on at least 2 feet of snow and I could reach.  I helped carry stuff from the garage, I held things in place, I helped lift and place the trusses, I made lunch, I looked for the lost hammer.  We worked from 11am till 4pm and we got all 11 in place and firmly secured.  Tomorrow we install the panels and maybe if we have enough time, wrap the plastic around the outside of the structure.  I have my seeds ordered and the starter kits ready.  Hopefully this year I will have a bumper crop of beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers.

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