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Friday, June 5, 2009


No pics yet but I promise tomorrow to provide you with a picture of 72 deviled eggs I am making for the Stag & Doe, Buck & Doe, Jack & Jill whatever you want to call the party tomorrow nite. I have heard of Buck & Doe but they say Stag & Doe up here. I have an extra ticket because my date is not here. So I am looking....
I boiled the eggs this evening and the house sort of smells like eggs. And I can't open the windows much because it is raining out. Tomorrow I will be creating. I have chives and parsley growing in my garden so I will be harvesting some for the eggs. I also have little onions coming up - Mary gave me some bulbs because they are taking over her garden - thanks for sharing. I have planted my lettuce (2 kinds) and I will plant my tomatoes and cucumbers tomorrow. I have 2 tomato and 2 cucumber plants growing in the greenhouse. I also have 4 wild strawberry plants that I am coaxing so I may have a good crop coming up this summer.
See Ya By

I also got some news from Stacey that she has committed to the Canada Death Race next year so I am looking forward to that adventure. I have also committed to being on her support team. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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