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Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes, my testicle plants are back - in full bloom. I was trimming some branches around my crop and, by mistake, I cut off a bloom. Yikes. These plants take up to 16 years to bloom and I just chopped it's head off. I felt soooo bad. In this month's Cottage Life book they highlight this plant. Very interesting stuff. It is only pollinated by a Bumblebee queen, who visits the plant before her first batch of workers pupate and take over her foraging duties (whatever that means) They are called the pink lady slipper. It also says a colony of these orchids may live as long as the forest in which it grows. I will protect my testicle plants from all preditors!!! When they germinate, the seeds must link with the threads of a symbiotic fungus that provides them with the nutrients they need to survive - sounds like an episode of Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.
I have a bunch of them growing in different places around the property.
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Anonymous said...

tell rejean to run when you get the pruners out

Wendy! said...

What an interesting plant!