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Sunday, June 7, 2009


No I am not hung over - I only had 2 Coors Lights. Actually I feel pretty good right now. Had a great time last night. I got my eggs made in just over 1 hour - and I only did 70 - I heard from Linda this morning that there were a few left over so I am glad I did not make my original 100 - but I'll be making that many + for the wedding next month.
Ute and I went together and she drove - which I know is amazing to some people as I am not a good passenger to people I don't know how they drive. But she suggested that that way I could have a couple of drinks. I am always the designated driver so I thought "what the heck - sure". We got there about 8:10 - it started at 8. I delivered by eggs and got down to the business of presenting my tickets at the door. There is a pile of different looking tickets that you can buy for different stuff. First there was the drinks tickets - they were red. Then there were the silent auction tickets - they were red and white. Then, I heard but didn't notice them,there were tickets for the 50/50 draw. I would have bought one but, as I said before, I didn't realize they were available. Sat with Linda and friends. They had a disc jockey and, I must admit, the music was good but loud as usual. Then they called for people to come up with a toonie - so I did. They took my money and put my name on a sheet of paper. It was for the "game". They put a big slice of a log in between two chairs. They gave the two people hammers and the trick is to be the first one to hammer a nail into the, log each person taking turns hitting their nail. Well, it is harder than it looks. I got up there and eventually won 2 games but lost in the finals. Is it ever funny. People sometimes just can't hit that nail. Sparks were flying. It was hilarious. I think I am going to provide that game for the tourists this year. Something to keep them occupied. I came away winning two of the silent auctions and if my camera was working you would be looking at my stash. 2 t-shirts, a $25 gift certificate from Ozzy's, a quart of Jack B's maple syrup and a ball ornament - no, not that kind of ornament. It is for the ball on your trailer hitch. It is a big buck's head with a great rack. It will look good on Rejean's truck - I won't tell him it's there and see how long it goes before he notices it. Don't tell him.
Ute was ready to leave at about 11:30 so we headed home. They had just put the food out but who can eat at 11:30 at nite - not me. I heard my eggs were a hit. they almost forgot to put them out I hear. Thank-you Cheryle for reminding them.
When I can get my camera to unload the pictures, I will get them one.
Sunday, rainy and chilly. good day for planting...
See Ya By

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