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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just before the Post on the side of the road is about 6 holes dug in the hill - it is a fox's den. And I finally saw one of the little baby foxes the other day. He was rolling out of one of the holes. I just happened to have my camera. Just my luck two big trucks passed by and scared him before I could get a good picture - you can just make out the white tip on his tail as he disappeared into the den. The other picture is, I believe, a big rabbit being pulled into one of the holes - can you see the feet? Dinner!! Yum Yum. Every time I go by there I take my camera - I am bound to get some better photos.
See Ya By


Stacey said...

Poor Bunny! Don't the foxes know that you have a free buffet?

Anonymous said...

don't be calling yourself ALICE and think you will have a tea party there-sistersue