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Friday, June 19, 2009


Just when the bugs are soooo bad you don't think you can take it anymore, Mother Nature sends out her troops - the dragon flies. There are thousands of them out right now. On my walks there are hundreds on the road that have smashed into cars - you really can't avoid it no matter how slow you go. Thank goodness on the 4 wheeler they seem to get out of your way. But they are everywhere. They land on the ground and move when you walk near them. They like to sun themselves on the cement and they line up like little helicopters ready to take off. Sometimes there are 20-30 of them all sunning themselves. And they eat bugs!!!! There are so many different kinds. The ones that are out right now seem to have a hunch back and are black and white. Some are florescent blue. Some are big and some are small. They land on you sometimes and it is interesting to be able to get a good close look at them and their big eyes. When I was in Florida last year there was a little arts and crafts display and this man had pewter dragonflies for sale. I couldn't resist and now it lives on my bathroom screen upstairs - I have orders for the next time I go to Florida. They are just interesting creatures.
Rejean and I went for a 4 wheeler ride over to the mine side and saw some big moose tracks along with smaller ones so maybe it is a calf and it's mother. I am still sad about the death of the other moose. It is terrible to loose a creature so big and gentle in such a violent way.
See Ya By
ps - Chris and Egon are coming up tomorrow and I will try to keep up my blogs - it should be a good week - it is supposed to get up into the high 20s!!! Maybe my first jump in the at eleven.

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