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Thursday, June 18, 2009


On my walk this morning I saw some garbage that I would have to pick up on the 4 wheeler when I was finished. It was a beautiful morning and I decided to do the whole route and not just the garbage I had seen. I was travelling along the side of the road when I happen to see an upside down turtle. He was a good size painted turtle. I thought another one got run over and it was dead. But, much to my surprise when I got closer I could see his little arms and legs moving. And because it wasn't a snapper, I got off the bike and picked him up and moved him over to the ditch where some water was running. I just placed him on the grass beside the little stream. I got back on my bike and sat and watched to see if he would come out of his shell and move. I got tired of waiting and continued on my way after placing some sticks on the ground opposite to where he was so I could find my place on the way back and check on him. When I did return he was well on his way back to who knows where. Who knew how long he had been on his back. I thought they could turn themselves over and how did he get that way? A mystery. But, one live saved.
We went to the Post for ice cream last night and heard that a moose had been killed just up the highway from us. We immediately thought of the moose who had made the tracks along Steve's trail. We knew he wasn't a big one but still big enough. Well, one of the guys Rejean is working with on the nets sent us some pictures of the moose being loaded unto a trailer. And he was about a 3 year old bull moose. And, unfortunately, we think he was ours. He was killed just between us and Limberlost, where our moose travel. It must have happened overnight. And the sad part was that Ute and some of her guests were following the moose tracks and came across him in the ditch. How sad. But that happens. There are more out there. We have seen larger tracks and I saw some fresh ones along the road this morning.
But that is how it goes. Sometimes you win one and sometimes you don't.
See ya By

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