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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Top left - wild blueberry pie, sex in a pan and my raspberry crumble (I made it from scratch and it was delicious) and the Activia to put on it instead of whipping cream - very healthy
One of the beautiful properties

A view from my seat - yes, those are my feet with my funny tan lines

Captain Plain Jane - sipping water of course - I had my Bubba filled with water, not...

Plain Jane called and invited me on a girls only appetizer/desert pontoon cruise. I have never been on a pontoon and I jumped at the chance. We were to go out last year on the pontoon but it was too windy on their lake. It was a perfect day on Monday. It was hot and sunny - just the way I like it. We talked a bit, drank a few beverages and hit the water. Plain Jane lives on Basswood Lake - it is big and the water is crystal clear. And the properties!!! Who needs the Muskokas??? And there are some vintage cottages as well - with boat houses!! There were 6 of us - Plain Jane, Darlene, Joy, Jeanine, Barb (?) and myself. The water was pretty calm on the way out but the wind picked up on the way in - Darlene and I were sitting in the front and we got hit with a few waves - refreshing to say the least - and then the girls started singing the theme song from Gilligan's Island - a 3 Hour Cruise....I was ready to bail...We got back to the house and enjoyed the desert. No dinner - just appetizers and deserts. It was a good day. And the food was delicious as well.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

what is in the recipe for Sex in a Pan ? Did you have any ?

northernbliss said...

No, the pan is too small to have sex in - I need a bit more room - but I'll get the recipe for you if you want...;o)