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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The 2 gable ends in place
Marshall and Sean doing work on the floor of the loft

A good view of the opening for the patio doors - there are 9 windows in the structure!!!

My little buddy Liam - what a sweetheart. He is 2!!! He's having a good time up here.

Ok - they came in Sunday and worked half a day, Monday was the first full day and I guess today was the 2nd full day of THE BIG BUILD - we should have a tv show about this project. There is a tv show on the DIY network - Blog Cabin - and it's follows the building of a considerably larger structure. But it has nothing on this one. It is being built by people who have limited experience - except Sean who is a contractor -building a bunkie. And building a cabin is on Marshall's bucket list - I guess you have to be more specific about whose cabin you build - he can cross this one off his list. And, I might add, it is looking good!!! The girls, Jenn, her sister Natalie and myself decided there should be a dormer to take in the view but Steve said no - it was too late for that - we should have planned it sooner - but that can always be done later - all they do in the dormer is sleep anyway ;o)

It is coming along just fine as far as I am concerned. Jenn has big plans for the inside - white washing the walls, they have the floor left over from their home in Windsor and plans for some Ikea stuff. It is an adventure.
Can't wait to see it completed at the end of the week!!!
See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Bunkie? Too big for a bunkie, looks like another cottage in the making. Who is going to be building next?

Stacey said...

Looking good!