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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The ever smiling, gracious co-hostess, Barbara-Anne
Our entertainment for the evening - that's Bob in the background listening

Some of the crowd on the lower level

The beach at LimberLost The 3 Grillers - Rejean, some man we got to volunteer, and Ron - they did a fine job

Some arrived by Pontoon Boat!! - I want that other floatie - it has drink cup holders, seats and a net bottom so you can see under the floatie - it's called a Relaxation Station - I like the name...

I don't know what Ute did, but the weather on her party day turned out to be perfect - a bit breezy at first but then excellent. The sun was out and big white clouds were in the sky and it was about 17 degrees = 64ish. Rejean and I arrived on our 4 wheelers - there were 50 people expected so I thought parking may be a problem. I was also transporting devilled eggs - so I had to take it slow. Others arrived by boat - some even in a pontoon boat. There were people from all over the lake and all over the area up here. People who have done work for her, guests staying at the camp this week, neighbours and friends. She had 3 bbqs set up to accommodate all the grilling to be going on. It was pot luck (as everything is up here) and people out did themselves - the food was delicious - there was even pies for desert. There was entertainment!!! It was the husband of one of the guest's daughters. He sings all over the place and he
entertained us with some great songs - he sounded real good. After dinner we got a fire going over in the fire pit and just laughed and talked until it was time to go home.

See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Looks like everyone having a good time. You need a pontoon boat for your lake it would be great for fishing, diving off, sun bathing etc etc and lots of room for everyone. The Relaxation Station also looks like it would be fun for 4 people and its use would be limited due to the weather and water temp.

Stacey said...

Looks like a great time!!

northernbliss said...

No pontoons for Cheney Lake - Rejean won't even allow a paddle boat!!! But a Relaxation Station...that's what the Scott Girls want.