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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Rejean and Ron setting up the targets.

Ron taking aim with his crossbow

Ron's Baby - nice outfit!!

We had talked about going to the gravel pit and sighting the guns before hunting season starts - and Ron stopped by and suggested we do it today. We packed the 30 odd 6, the 22 and my bow and arrow and the "Black Hole" (it is a target especially for arrows). Ron had his 30 odd 6 and his crossbow. There is a gravel pit down the road that has banks so you are not shooting into the bush. We set up our targets on an old wooden door that has been used many times before. We started with Rejean's 30 odd 6 - it was shooting high and to the left - we don't know whether it was the gun or Rejean. I have never shot the 30 odd 6 because it is too powerful but I do enjoy the 22. And I liked the crossbow. My shot hit the target from 40 yards. And I did good with the 22 - my shots were all within 2 inches of the bulls eye - not bad for Tremor Girl!!
See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Did you see any partridges ???

Anonymous said...

Did Ron shot Rejean's 30 odd 6 to see if it was Rejean or the gun ?

Steve said...

That would be a 30-06 or "30 aught 6" caliber. The zero is called naught with a silent "n". :)

northernbliss said...

We did not see any birds yesterday but we hear that it will be a good year for them - there was even talk of a second hatch - thanks Steve, for the correct name of the caliber for Rejean's gun - and Ron did fire it and I will be taking it to perry's Gun Shop in the Sault to get it sighted properly - bird season opens on Wednesday September 15th so I know where I will be bright and is nice to have so many knowledgeable and concerned followers :o)