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Monday, October 18, 2010


I noticed another follower today and, thru elemination, discovered that it was Barbar-Ann and I only know one Barbara-Ann. So if it is you - Welcome!!! I have mentioned Barbara-Ann in a few previous posts - she has been up here on a few occassions, staying at a Lodge nearby. She is excellant at hosting or co-hosting dinner parties. I have been honored to be a guest at 3 of her sworeighs (that is not how you spell it, but sound it out - and I mean it as a complement) The first one was a dinner party where she, and her side-kick Bonnie, prepared Coq-au-Vin for about 16 or 18 people. It was a blast. Then it was a BBQ on their deck when they were staying for the week in the summer. I sure am glad the deck held all of us up. Then it was co-hosting a night at the Lodge - we had 3 BBQs going and it was perfect.

But...if it is not you, I welcome the Barbara-Ann that it is. The more the marrier.

See Ya Bye

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Barbara-Anne said...

Hello Janet!!!
Thanks for saying such lovely things about me! You are too kind! As you know, I had as much fun (if not more) helping to do those 3 parties and I hope you and all our new northern friends will be able to come to many more! We (Bonnie and I) will be coming up on the Feb. long weekend to visit Ute. Though there may be a glitch...Bonnie's going to be a grandma - again...I know!!! she is far too young for that business!! Joanne is due beginning of'll see. I will come alone otherwise - Ute is so kind. How are you and Rajean? I noticed the pics from the party were awesome! And you MUST be a good photographer, cuz you made me look good too!
Happy fall. xo B.A.