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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday Stacey and I went on a 2 hour long trail ride out of the Cedar Rail Ranch up here - there were about 20 of us - a lot of the other people had their own horses but we rented some - Cathy, the owner, paired us with some smaller horses - to fit our riding abilities, which is NIL. I had an 18 year old male called Echo - he was great!! And Stacey was paired with Sugar. In this picture, Stacey is holding the reins of both horses - Sugar is the white horse and Echo is the brown one. We had a great time but, I must say, my bum is sore as well as the insides of my knees. I will be doing that again.
Rejean and Andrew went hunting and Andrew got a bird!! His first kill, other than fish and bugs. We ate it as an appetizer and it was very tasty. We have to get more of those little guys.
Today, Rejean and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving over at Axe Lake. Stacey and Andrew will be enjoying some quiet time by themselves. I'll leave them some turkey and deviled eggs for their dinner.
Another beautiful day - high of 17 and not a cloud in the sky. Life IS Good!!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
See Ya Bye
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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanks Giving !!! Another nice day again, awesome weather down her too. Yes life is good !!!
We went for boat ride this morning, lots of boats out there had couple of nibbles but no fish caught today. Maybe tomorrow.
Cedar Rail Ranch looks like lots of fun, how come you never mentioned it before? How far is it from your place?
Have fun at Axe Lake.