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Monday, October 25, 2010


I keep a large jar on my dresser and put all my coin in it when I come home from shopping. It is actually my second jar. I have filled one and there was about 1/2 in the other jar. My vacation is coming up so, as I always do, I wrapped all the coins. I was going to take them to the Zehr's store in LaSalle where they have a machine that takes all your coin and give you paper, but they take a cut - I think 10% - well, I am cheap so I decided to roll them myself. First you have to sort the coins - Canadian from US, toonies, loonies, quarters etc etc. Then I sit in front of the tv with a wooden cutting board on my lap and take handfuls of the coins, count and roll them - it is a pain to get them all going the right way in the palm of your left hand, then getting them to stand up while you attempt to roll them in the paper and try and get the # & $ to match up. But, I am a retired banker so I had no problems whatsoever. I got $260 in Canadian and $36 American. Every little bit helps.
Now I just have to carry them all into the Bank to get the paper equivalent...heavy!!! I can just see all those "Next Customer Service Representative, Please" signs going up. :oS
See Ya Bye

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Stacey said...

lol.... glad you got it done!