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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Apparently this is what a fox does when he is marking his territory - he poops!!! He has peed in a dish I fed him from and I do find the odd "package" on the road or a rock. I cleaned it up and threw it over the back hill. Where the bear can smell it.

I was in the Sault today - I was on a mission to find an an electric toothbrush. My dentist recommend it so after my last check up, I decided to get one. I researched them on line and I am sorry, I am not going to spend $124 on a Oral B Triumph. I picked up a $12.49 battery powered Oral B soft brush toothbrush and I have used it 3 times already!!! I love it. Feels just like the dentist - lots of vibrations - I hope it doesn't do anything to my brain!! ;p I really don't want to loose my teeth or have gum problems so, after 57 3/4 years, I am brushing my teeth properly - with a soft brush to boot.
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