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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last Saturday, on my way home from the dump, there was a fox that had been killed on the road near here - I was very worried that it was my fox - the one that has been coming around for the past couple of months. It turns out it was a female and my fox is a male and my fox made an appearance within the next couple of days - he was here this morning also. I like having the little guy come around - he is very cautious and will run at any little noise. But, he comes around every four or five days and appears in the morning and evening. It's like having a dog but without all the ownership hassles.

And on my way home from Sudbury the other day, down highway 554, we saw 9 elk in a field - it was just about 5:30pm when they come out of the bush into the clearings. The male had a huge rack - even from my vantage point you could tell it was big. They are protected up here and some farmers are not too happy - they do a lot of damage to the crops but they can't do anything about it but try and scare them away from their fields. Even if you accidentally

hit one with your vehicle, the carcass is given to the First Nations. If you hit a deer or a moose, you can keep the meat, but not elk.

I am cleaning today - I have tons of stuff to do before next Thursday. That is when my vacation starts - can retired people still go on vacations? Isn't everyday a vacation day?

See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Nice Elk

Anonymous said...

Wow what a heard of Elk. It looks like the same place we stopped to take photo of single elk couple of years ago.