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Friday, January 28, 2011


...if they can find a vein!!! We gave blood yesterday - it was my 33rd time and Rejean's 45th time (sometimes they can't take my blood). I usually have issues giving blood. Sometimes my iron level is down so they can't use it - sometimes it takes too long for the blood to come out so they can't use it - sometimes they can't get a vein so they can't even begin to get it - sometimes I have a small mark on my arm so they can't take it. But yesterday I sailed thru the iron testing, my blood pressure and temperature were good and my arms were clean of any scratches or marks - I got on the chair and waited for my technician to start the process. It was Allan and I could tell right away that he wasn't too sure of what he was doing. He wasn't confident - he was having trouble with the tensor band to find a vein. He found one and started the procedure. Well, he was taking a long time with it - I usually look away because I don't like to see the needle go into my arm. I could feel him poking it around so I looked. There was a lot of blood - he said the vein must have rolled. He took the needle out and wiped up the blood and got someone else to do my other arm. Jenn was the new technician and she did a great job. It was over in no time (actually about 15 minutes). After you are done you get free cookies!!! And I like the cookies. Clarence volunteers there and he bakes great chocolate chip cookies - it is so worth it just for the cookies!!!
I have already prebooked my next appointment - it is worth it because you get to help other people and you never know when you will need a blood transfusion - it is one of the easiest things to do that can do so much good. Think about it...and just do it.
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