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Monday, January 10, 2011


Otter tracks

My skating rink

Under the snow on our lake is a skating rink!!! It rained over the holidays and then froze so the lake is smooth. Then we had a snow fall and the snow is like sugar - very easy to shovel. John was over yesterday and took a walk on our lake - I won't go out on the lake until John has walked on it - just a tradition that I will continue to follow. He didn't fall thru so I won't. Today I got out and shovelled a small rink. It was beautiful today - cold this morning but then it warmed up. Almost like spring - nice and sunny and no wind.

I walked around the whole lake this afternoon and got a couple of good pictures. At the far end of the lake there were otter tracks - you can see where it ran then slid on it's belly along the snow. And they were fresh!!

The snow was like diamonds - it was sparkling everywhere - I had taken off my glasses at the house and it was too far to go back for them. I continued my walk along the shore - I was not going to chance walking down the middle of the lake just in case - I think I stood a better chance in the shallows. But it was nice - quiet!! It is hard to describe the silence. It is almost like a pressure on your ear drums.
I'll get the skates out tomorrow...
See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

absolutly stunning=are you and ray practicing for the pairs or the ice dancing. expect to see GOLD for the north. wear your helmet(just in case)sistersue