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Friday, January 7, 2011


There's no place like home...we arrived last nite at about 8pm after being on the road since 6:15am (left Rick's place to go back to Amherstburg to get the truck and trailer). The roads were fine until Sudbury then all hell broke loose. Hauling a 6 x 12 foot U-Haul behind a big Dodge Ram 1500 was an experience. We tried to pull into a gas station but had to back out and find another one as Rejean could not manoeuvre it into place. All the time I'm riding white knuckled in the passenger seat trying to remain calm. And to top it off, I am sick!!! From being in contact with people from down south. But we managed to make it home in one piece - we just hauled up our toiletries and left the rest for today. What a chore - a trailer full of stuff to remove and store in the garage until tomorrow when we can begin to sort. Plus the back of the truck was full of Costco stuff and stuff we had "inherited" from Stacey and Andrew. I got my chair!!!! I will get a picture of it on the blog tomorrow - it is beautiful and worth every minute we spent helping them and all the time on the road. Plus I got a couple of Ikea bookcases for all Rejean's woodworking magazines. They will go in the finishing room once we get all those other boxes emptied from our move 5 years ago. More stuff - didn't I just write a blog about stuff???? But this stuff doesn't apply because I said so.
I filled the birdfeeders up and we now have a few birds coming - I don't know if they are my original flock but I hope so. We have been away for 3 weeks so they probably think we abandoned them - and I haven't seen my fox yet...altho Axe Lake was taking care of him for me.
But it is nice to be home in my own house even tho we felt very welcome at the places we stayed in Windsor and London but now we can get back to normal. I also got Stacey's weight bench so I can't wait to get at it. Once I feel better...
See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are finally home safe and sound after 3 weeks of travelling. Sorry to hear you arent feeling well hope you feel better soon.