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Saturday, January 1, 2011


The infamous stairway - 3 floor condo = lots of stairs...
The dark brown chest of drawers that should have been white but she kept it anyway - looks great!!!

That headboard weighs a ton - but we got it up those stairs - Stacey was very happy :o)

This is my 1100th posting (pictures are considered postings - just to let you know).

Just filling you in on our work so far at the new condo. Yesterday the new bedroom furniture was re-delivered. Earlier in the week Sears had tried to deliver it but the headboard would not fit in the elevator (it is a small service elevator) but we said we could make it fit so they redelivered it yesterday. They had to take it out of the cardboard container but they got it in the elevator and up to the condo, where they left it in the hallway - they didn't even attempt to take it up the stairs - they said it would not fit - well they don't know Rejean!! After they left, Rejean and Andrew lugged it up the stairs and got it into the bedroom. I think it weighed 130 pounds - it is a big mother. It looks great - it matches the paint Stacey picked out perfectly. It just blends - the store sent a dark brown chest of drawers instead of the white one but Stacey decided to keep it and she made the right choice - the room needed a bit of contrast (in my opinion) and it fits perfectly between the 2 sconces on the opposite wall from the bed. The tv will go on the wall to the right as you walk into the room. All they need to do now is get their mattress and they are all set to sleep there.
More pictures later
See Ya Bye

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