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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our trail blazing was cancelled today due to...the cold. It was a wind chill of about -24 so it was called by Ron and Mary. Maybe Saturday - it's supposed to be nice r. After a trip into town with Rejean, we decided to break a trail between our place and Limberlost - there is an access to Chub Lake and Ute was kind enough to let us cut across her property to get to it. But we always had to ride on the shoulder of the highway to get there - well, not after today. We broke a trail along the property along side of the highway. Along the hydroline there were a bunch of stumps where Hydro had cleared trees and brush underneath the lines. They were just small and a chainsaw quickly took care of them. I got to ride the snowmobile along the trail a few times and it was fun. I also got to take it out on our lake. What a blast!! There was about 6 inches of light fluffy snow on the lake with an ice rink underneath. You couldn't go too fast because you started to slide. I had to slow it down around the corners. I went around 3 times. I was covered in snow but it was worth it.
When I came home I saw that the wood supply in the workout room was low so I had to fill it up - that's my job. And the fire is going all day - from about 9am until 9pm - it gives off nice heat - it's like exercising in a sauna.
Linda and I are headed to the Sault tomorrow - shopping over in the States and in Canada. The hydro is supposed to be out for a couple of hours tomorrow - a scheduled outage - so what else is there to do???
See Ya Bye
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