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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The time is quickly approaching for the 3rd, or is it 4th, annual Cheney Lake Fishing Derby. I have put some thought into it lately. If you remember, as I must have blogged about at least one year, usually no fish are harmed during our derbys. We mark tons of fish (all going the same way it seems, but now I know better) so we know the fish are there. But we have never gotten as much as a nibble. We have used live bait and fake bait (Gulp) but nothing seems to entice the little bastards (sorry Mr. & Mrs. Barr) (btw I hope Mrs. Barr is feeling better after her event - I am glad it was discovered and dealt with).
I have come up with a solution to the fishing dilemma - it will be held on another lake. Some friends have offered to host the event on their lake, where there is a history of catching fish in winter. Should be a blast.
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Anonymous said...

Which Lake ?

Holyjeans30 said...

Hello, and thank you for the follow. I'm not sure how i found you exactly... probably blog surfing and I believe it was your lake pictures that caught my eye. It's beautiful there.