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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Rejean and Ron - they cook good fish - and have fun doing it :o)
Some of the Motley Crew

Looking down my hole - lots of ice

Ron W outside tending the tip-ups

My corner

Where they put me - Ron's permanent ice fishing hut

Rejean all set to go

There appears to be a continuing theme at our derbys - no fish are harmed during our events. This was either the 3rd or 4th (can't remember) Cheney Lake Fishing Derby and no fish were caught!!! Rejean was in the temporary shack and saw one of his tip-ups outside go down signalling a hit, but by the time he got out of the shack, it was gone. John also had a hit but that was about it. I got there about 11am and Ron took me out to my hut on his machine - he acted as the chauffeur , ferrying people in and out all day long. I was overdressed to say the least - his ice fishing shack couldn't really be called a shack - it had a propane heater in it, 3 permanent holes cut in 3 corners, done all in cedar and sided. It was luxury. My fishing partners were Arnold and Ron W. We had a couple of holes outside but I never bothered going out - I was quite comfortable in my hut. We went in around 1pm for lunch - chili, beans, cheese and crackers and kobassa - it was delicious. Linda, Dianne and Mary stuck around the heated party garage all afternoon while us crazy people tried to catch something. Then, all of a sudden, it was 4pm and we heard that the other shack had thrown in the towel and were all back at the garage. We closed up our shack and headed back. Bob gave me a ride back and what a ride it was - I was trying to hold onto my rod, my hat and him at the same time. It was wild. But we made it back.

Ron had taken out some walley and bass - probably anticipating our luck at fishing. Together, he and Rejean cooked up some great fish and Mary had prepared a pulled beef mixture for sandwiches plus some beans and cole slaw. For desert there were Linda's world famous Rice Krispie Squares (that I just love) and Joanne made a cherry cheesecake. We were stuffed. But a good time was had by all and everyone was gone by 8pm. I didn't give out my prizes because no one caught a fish!!! We will have another derby on our lake late in February or early March - just to carry on the tradition.
See Ya Bye

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