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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Rick and I hit a favourite stream on Wednesday while Rejean was with his NorthShore Fisheries gang.  We did ok catching 7 smaller ones.  I think someone must have been there before us because I am sure that some of the holes should have held a few more and some larger ones - but that is fishing.  At least we got out to do some of my favourite type of fishing.  He left on Thursday morning and Stacey and Andrew and Sadie-Poo pulled in last nite - Andrew on his new BMW motorcycle and Stacey and Sadie following in the big Dodge Ram truck - funny to see Stacey behind the wheel of something that big.  Andrew is going to do some off road riding with his motorcycle and Stacey is going for her 20 mile training run - Sadie and I will be doing 5 miles thru the bush on some trails.  I asked at the Post if they had Bear Bells as I came across a rather large pile of bear poop on one of my trails so I figured I should get some bells instead of whooping down the trails.  All they had were brass colored ice fishing bells but they worked.  They have a little clip so I clip them on either side of my shirt so I make a lot of noise when I walk.  I think I'll clip one on Sadie for our walk today.  You can never be too careful...

See Ya Bye (maybe)

ps - I think I have solved my own techical difficulties - it is just a new bunch of icons that I have to get used to - Blogger must have done some changes without my permission.

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