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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who deserves to be called a Mother. I miss my Mother especially hard on this day. But I see her in stuff that I do. She held her mouth a certain way when she was working and I find myself doing that. And I see a bit of her when I look in the mirror. I think of if she felt the same when she was my age. She died when she was 61 and that is just a few short years away for me. I think of what she missed. Her third grandchild, Kyle. A little step great grandchild in Bishop. Coming up here and spending time on the Lake. I know Father would have loved it up here. And I know my Mom would have liked to fish - just like her daughters.
I wish she were here...

...but, I am a Mom myself - Stacey and Jodie - they have treated me as their Mom for over 30 years - I am blessed to have married into them. :o)

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Karen said...

I am sure your Mom was a lovely lady and it's nice that you remember her certain traits and quirks that you have as well. Happy belated Mother's Day to you :)