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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Taking it easy thru the puddles but we still got muddy

One of the puddles we came upon

Getting ready to go - the guys gassed up

After the rain cleared up and the guys finished their work on the boat (it looks great - the seats are installed and the new oak transom is in place) we decided to go for a 4 wheeler ride - Rejean passed because he caught my cold ( I have no idea how) so Barry, Ed and I got changed and hit the road. We went down the highway to the Axe Lake road then off on a trail. It actually took us to FootPrint Lake Road and boy, was it muddy. We had a riot. I led the way, hoping that I wouldn't run into a mother bear and cubs or a moose on the trail. I only have a 250 cc and the guys have bigger bikes so I was a little cautious in some of the puddles. I have had to be winched out before so I know to take it easy. There were a few spots that were a little dicey - at one point, the guys had to come and lift my bike over a culvert that I couldn't quite get over because of the ground clearnance of my bike. But that was the only time I needed their help. We were a little late getting back home but we had fun. The guys enjoyed it!! Me too!!

See Ya Bye

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