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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Stacey did a 26 mile training run today on the highway - I was her support team.  Every couple of hours I would meet her along her route and bring her cold water and a banana and provide encouragement.  I am practicing for her 100 miler in September where I will also be among her support team.  It was very hot today, with full sun.  I say hot because the temp was 86 degrees - I hear Windsor was almost 100!!!  So she was happy she was here.
Here she is cooling her legs in the lake after her run.  She said the lake was not really that cold - I told her to go out to the middle and then it would be cold. 
She said she saw a cow moose and calf on her run but couldn't get a good picture because she was so far away from them.
Tonite Rejean and Ron and I will be going out fishing again.  We were out last nite and got a bunch - we have enough for a fish fry tomorrow nite for Stacey and Andrew's company.  You can't come up north and not have a good fish fry. 
See Ya Bye


Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

Thanks for the support today..... I certainly would have succumbed to heat stroke if it weren't for you!


Anonymous said...

What kind of fish did you catch ?

northernbliss said...

Mr Pickerel.
And you are very welcome Stacey - I am sure you would return the favour if I needed it.